Don Nelson - Speaker / Mentor / Sales Manager
"This (Keynote speech titled “Snapshots” at National Sales Meeting) is one of the best presentations I have ever seen in Wick Building Systems…you did a masterful job of using stories to make your point… and, at times, you could have heard a pin drop because you captured the interest of the audience so completely. Outstanding!"
Darrell Kolstad, Chief Operating Officer, Wick Building Systems, Inc.
“Don is a great motivator. He is witty, yet thoughtful. His motivational talks are relevant in work and in life. Even though we have not worked together in a few years, I still use some of his past suggestions in my everyday sales plan.”
Kim Gee, VP/Marketing and Sales, Gee Building Systems, Inc.
“Don is one of those people who makes going to work something you look forward to doing. He is extremely competent, hard working, creative, and results-driven – but he's also just a genuinely honest and down-to-earth guy. You don't run into people like Don very often. When you do, you know this is a relationship - both personal and professional - that you want to hang onto for a very long time."
Kelly Fryer, Managing Partner, A Renewal Enterprise
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 Team builder ● Motivator ● Mentor ● Networker ● Public speaker ● Relationship builder ● Troubleshooter
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